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Illegally Blonde

A Barb Jackson Mystery, Book #2


After solving the biggest case of her career, PI Barb Jackson's business is finally taking off. Cases are rolling in, she and her staff are getting paid, and she's the apple of her hunky detective boyfriend, Tyler Black's, eye. Life couldn't get much better. 

Instead, it gets much worse. Barb's best friend, Kelly, is arrested and accused of killing her shifty on-again-off-again rock star boyfriend. Suddenly it's up to Barb to hunt down the real murderer and save her friend's life. Between an eccentric bookie, an oddball drug dealer, and an obsessed fan, Barb has no shortage of suspects. But understaffed and in over her head, Barb has no other choice but to call in an old friend for help...a gorgeous, flirtatious, charming friend...and Tyler isn't going to like it. Can Barb track down a killer and save her friend from the slammer... before the killer strikes again? 
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Blonde and Fabulous

A Barb Jackson Mystery, Book #3

Feather boas, strippers, and murder? Oh, my! 

After a busy few months, Private Investigator Barb Jackson is dreaming of a relaxing vacation with her hot man at her side...but her hopes of a little R&R are abruptly put on hold when an acquaintance from a past case, Cindy, comes to her in desperate need of help. Cindy is a dancer at the Double Trouble Gentlemen's Club, a  somewhat upscale club that caters to somewhat less-than-law-abiding men. Recently two of Cindy's fellow dancers have been murdered. The police don't have a clue who killed the girls or why—and as far as Barb can tell, don't even really care. But with Cindy afraid the killer may strike again, Barb steps in to pick up where the police have left off. Even if her homicide detective boyfriend wishes she'd leave the murder investigations to him and stick to planning their getaway for two. Between an ex-boyfriend with a criminal past, a bouncer with a secret, and enough catty dancers to fill a scantily-clad lineup, Barb has suspects galore. But which one is targeting the ladies of Double Trouble...and just may do so again! 

Platform heels, outrageous costumes, and body glitter abound when Barb takes on the craziest case of her career! 

   The Blonde Before Christmas


From author Anna Snow comes a short story  about a not-so-dumb blonde who just might be able to save Christmas...


Private Investigator Barb Jackson thought she'd seen it all. But  when a last minute shopping excursion leads Barb and her best friend Kelly to a dead Santa Claus beneath the shopping mall Christmas tree, she realizes that not everyone in town is filled with holiday cheer. Jilted lovers, angry elves, and a whole slew of harried shoppers stand between Barb and the truth. But this is one blonde who won't give up that easily! It’s up to Barb and her friends to find the killer and save Christmas before the Santa Claus Killer claims another victim... 

A Barb Jackson Mystery (#0.5)

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  Blondes' Night Out

                                    ~USA Today Bestseller~

                     A Barb Jackson Mystery Short Story!


Blondes' Night Out-

When a guy turns up dead in the ladies room of an upscale club, a girl’s night out for Barb Jackson and her friends turns into a murder charge for one of her girls.

Now, it’s up to Barb to find out who really killed the mystery man in the restroom, before an innocent woman is sent to the big house for good.

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© 2016 Anna Snow